Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Does Gordon Have Something on Prescott?

Toby Helm writes in today’s Telegraph:

“Gordon Brown has excluded the three women candidates for Labour's deputy leadership from his preferred list of successors to John Prescott, it emerged last night. The Chancellor, who remains the hot favourite to succeed Tony Blair as Labour leader, believes that four male Cabinet members
seen as potential deputies would be more suitable.”

Gordon might be favourite but he’s not certain to take over the leadership so from this Guttersnipe concludes either:

- Prescott’s days are up and he’s being replaced. Does he know?
- Brown’s come straight out with no role for Prescott. Do you think that Two Jabs is going to be a keen Brown ally when he needs him?

“The Chancellor also believes that Hazel Blears, the new party chairman, would be less well-suited to the post than the four male candidates.”

How very diplomatic – a pair of Frenchman’s pants would be more suited to the job than Hazel “whatever Tony wants” Blears.

“The news that Mr Brown's "A-list" contains no women will disappoint female Labour MPs, who believe that, having increased their numbers since 1992, they should be represented at the top of the party.”

God forbid you can get a job on merit girls.. can you explain to me why it should be a woman? Sure I can see why you would want to guarantee that women can apply but surely it’s wrong to guarantee that women make the grade.

So… how long are we giving Prescott now that nobody appears to be dampening down this race for succession?

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