Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Harman Swallows Foot on the Daily Politics

A cracking report in the BBC has appeared after Harriet Harman (Attorney General, supposed to be anti-discrimination) has carried on her idea that the role of Deputy Prime Minister should go to a woman.

“Ms Harman says it is a "necessity" that the next incumbent is a woman.”

Guttersnipe Translation
“The job should go to a woman because it just should alright”

She was pressed further on this and apparently has opened her mouth just wide enough to get her feet in..

“She has been banging the drum for more women Labour MPs and more women ministers for the last 20 years, she said.
"We need to have a top leadership team of men and women and I'm not going to stop arguing that now just because there is a vacancy. I know it looks horribly self serving," she told BBC2's The Daily Politics. “

- Is there a vacancy?
- Does she know something we don’t know?
- Does she know something Prescott doesn’t know?

When pressed further on this she corrected herself and said "potential vacancy". Too late Harriet I think the cat was let out of the bag there don’t you? The last time I checked the PM (who is supposedly in charge) was saying that Prescott is staying.

She then carried on with her tub thumping:

“"I don't think that women in the country expect a party who talks about equality and says it's going to deliver for women to actually think that men can be left to get on with it."

But wouldn’t a party talking about equality be saying something other than “it is a "necessity" that the next incumbent is a woman.”

Or does Guttersnipe have an old fashioned dictionary without the new definition of equality?

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