Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Unions Spit Dummy At Blair!

Waaaahhh! I want more money!

Our Gracious Lord and Master has been speaking to the Unions today. Actually I’ll rephrase that he has been talking at the Unions, I doubt those Stalinist fucking parasites would have had the decency to listen.

Tony Blair has defended his record as prime minister and told union members the "brutal truth" is that government is a "hard and difficult business".
But Mr Blair, who was heckled in what was his last speech to the TUC as PM, said it was a "darn sight better than wasting our time in opposition".

Yup…. You’ve gone from wasting your time in opposition to wasting our time in government. I can see how that would be better for you.

They may have disagreed sometimes, he said, but there had been great progress in health, education and pensions.

He spoke after some RMT union members walked out shouting for him to go.

I laughed until I shat fruit when I read this…. Can you see it? They’ve called a fucking strike in the middle of his speech. You can just see the shop stewards shouting everybody out and them all swanning outside. I imagine there will have been a readily produced coal burner and a picket line set up.

Stop it… you’re killing me.

Other people waved banners in protest at the involvement of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, while comments about schools prompted shouts of "rubbish".

I wonder if they got thrown out… possibly not since they were not at a Labour Party conference.

He said Labour could only continue in government if it focuses on policy for the future and "accepts that government is a hard, difficult business".

The fecking arrogance!!! The Labour Party can only continue in government if us, the electorate, the people who they have ridden roughshod over by the socialist fucking jackboot and financially squeezed until bile runs out of our eyes vote for the Labour Party.

"But it is a darn sight better than wasting our time in opposition passing resolutions no-one ever listens to or can do anything about.
"That is the brutal truth ... You have your difficult times and you have your better times and the decisions you take are often very, very hard to take, but actually it's a privilege to take them.

Get that… a privilege, not a fucking right.

"And the reason for that is, just occasionally, you meet people - and I do in different parts of the country - whose lives we have changed."

Yup…. I’m one of them, I much worse off under Labour and now I can’t smoke in my car.

Here are some other people whose lives have been changed:

- Bullied girl stabbed in the eye for liking rock
- Mother faces jail for swearing at neighbourhood yobs
- Forces' combat deaths worst since Falklands
- 'Sexual predator' killed woman posing as taxi driver
- Paedophile given £40,000 legal aid to fight for toilet rights
- Dad killed after confronting yobs
- Pupil dies in gang-style execution

And that’s just in three days.

As RMT leader Bob Crow led a delegation out of the Brighton Centre in protest, he said: "What is the point of listening to someone when you cannot believe a word they say?"

I don’t like to side with Blair here, but what’s the point of having a guest speaker if you’re not listening.

The Unions are the most childish people it has ever been Guttersnipe’s misfortune to run into. As soon as they don’t get their own way they throw their tools down and sit with their arms folded in a strop. They storm out slamming the door behind them, what a set of fecking drama queens.

Fucking grow up the lot of you. If you’re getting a raw deal in your job, get a new job. Even at the height of the much vaunted “3 million unemployed” era every Job Centre I went into had cards on the wall… don’t tell me you can’t get another job.

As he explained that a large part of the Western world were inclined to believe "the threat is George Bush and not Islamist terrorism", a number of delegates shouted: "Yes."

Which really does say a lot about these people doesn’t it? They would be more comfortable with a regime in place that stones women for adultery, and I might add for being raped.

And let’s look at another angle here:

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union naturally is in the interest of RMT workers, Unison deals with nurses, NHS workers etc, The CWU for postmen, call centre reps etc.

What the fuck has Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon or America got to do with any of these people? Answer me that! What???

Does your humble postman think “I want to do my bit to stop the war in Iraq, I know I’ll join the Communication Workers Union, that’ll have Dubya shitting himself by dawn”.

For fuck’s sake. An old friend of Guttersnipes was a union rep (despite being a Tory member) and voted for no money to be sent to aid Basra because none of his members lived there… very sensible I thought. Sadly the union didn’t agree and sent quite a lot of their members’ money over to Iraq.

To date he has received no satisfactory explanation as to how this helps his members.

Chancellor Gordon Brown, tipped as Mr Blair's most likely successor, told reporters before he headed off to Brighton to give his own private address to union bosses that he wanted "to praise Tony Blair's speech".
"I urge all trade unionists to support the reform agenda set out by Tony Blair and agreed by the whole government."

Let’s translate that as “I urge the Unions to not block everything I want to do as they have blocked everything Blair wanted to do.”

So as this is Blair’s last speech to the TUC they clearly treated him as that rock star that just won’t play an encore. They walked out sulking.

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