Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Liar or Just Too Clueless To Govern? - You Decide!

Trust me... I'm a clueless fecktard!
So an investigation is being called for after Blair received the unemployment figures prior to publication yesterday and then went to tell the TUC:

“Speaking to union leaders on Tuesday, Blair said: "Tomorrow, I think, we will probably see for the first time in some months a fall again in unemployment." -

Naughty naughty Blair....

But imagine Guttersnipe’s mirth when the figures were published today and the reports said:

“The number of people out of work has risen to its highest level in six years” -

If you’re going to massage the figures Tone, as you usually do, at least get the direction right. No wonder the Labour Party think they're going to win the next election, they can't tell the difference between rising and falling polls.


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