Monday, September 11, 2006

Probably the Best Place For Him At The Moment

Our Tone has been in Lebanon where he’s probably safer than if he were at the TUC Conference.

Mr Blair defended his position of rejecting calls for an early ceasefire, saying a UN resolution dealing with the "real problems" had been his priority.
Several protesters disrupted a news conference, shouting: "Shame on you."

Guttersnipe wonders if they were thrown out and detained under the Terrorism Act or is it just 82 year old refugees in England that get that treatment.

Has anyone noticed that when some goon in Denmark draws a cartoon the "Religion of Peace" burns half the world down in angry protest but when the man they see as one the chief allies of the devil appears in their recently bombed out country there is only a small peaceful protest?

Just strikes me as odd that's all...

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