Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trade Unions Can Just Feck Off!

UNISON: We feck your country up a treat

Guttersnipe has always believed if you look into any war deep enough you’ll find religion, and likewise if you look into any crumbling, failing organisation that fails to work no matter how you reform it you’ll find the same gremlin in the machine every time..

I talk of course of that great leviathan the Trade Union.

My in-law, the noble Baron Snipegutter says “All a trade union does is protect a bad worker” and what true words they are....

There is always the summer strike action by the RMT Union which happens with such regularity now that it’s just counted as an extra holiday, but today it is
UNISON that are throwing their teddy out.

“The health secretary spoke out as workers employed by NHS Logistics voted to strike after the government awarded a 10-year contract to German firm DHL.
Union officials say the walkout will cause "major inconvenience" and could see operations cancelled. “

So there they have made their threat.... “could see operations cancelled.”

They’re going to have operations cancelled and patients suffering because a contract has been given to a private sector company. They never stop to think that DHL may have been given a contract because they would do something as ridiculous as a better job, that’s the way business works.

Because they can’t have their stalinist fucking utopia they are going to make the patients suffer. Why not just behead them on Al-Jazeera and have done with it guys?

“Union officials have warned that the move could lead to hospitals quickly running out of supplies of bedpans, urinals, hand gel, latex gloves breakfast cereals, drinks and tinned vegetables.”

Why would they quickly be running out? Aren’t DHL being employed to deliver these? If they don’t then they are in breach of their contract and they lose business. Seems pretty self-policing to me.

“She pledged to protect the terms and conditions of staff and their pensions and dismissed as "absolute rubbish" suggestions it was part of a wider plan to privatise the NHS. “

So if you believe Commissar Patsy the staff are keeping their jobs and their cushy fecking state sector pensions that we all have to pay for, no doubt they keep their retirement age of 60 as well while we all slave on until we’re 68. So the only complaint the union has is that the private sector is being involved.

They’re planning to make sure that patients have their operations cancelled because they don’t like who is providing the goods.

Union Leader Dave Prentis said: "These are not troublemakers, not hardliners but workers who care deeply about the NHS, who want to stay part of it, who want to play their part in saving it,"

Concerned about saving it so much that they are holding the patients hostage.

A deal reached earlier this month will see 1,700 employees from parts of NHS Logistics and the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency transferred to the private sector.

You’ll note again that they’re not being made redundant, they are getting new jobs in the private sector with the same salary and better pension rights than the rest of us.

I fecking hate trade unions, they hide behind that fecking “protect the worker” bollocks to promote their Stalinist agenda.

They spout this bile that suggests the private sector is somehow evil and exploiting and without the benevolent unions we would all be fecking slaves.

Just compare for a moment the number of strikes there are in the private sector compared to the public sector. Would this suggest that private sector employers are evil?


If the rest of us in the sector that pays for the public sector aren’t happy with the deal we’re getting we go and get another job. In the state sector they down tools until the Labour Party lets them run the fucking country.

And the Labour Party will cave as they have done throughout history

1966: Emergency laws over seamen's strike
1968: Rail go-slow begins
1970: State of emergency called over dock strike
1975: Miners set for 35 per cent pay rises
1977: Firefighters strike over pay claim
1977: Firemen jeer TUC's pay snub
1979: 'No chaos here' declares Callaghan
1979: Public sector strike paralyses country

UPDATE: The Young Greek Fella has ranted on this.... go read it... it's a work of brilliance.


Prodicus said...

Clause Four never went away except in the heads of Blair and his greasy-pole retinue. (Not long, now.) As you say, it's their religion. Still, I do love a circus, don't you? Today should be fun.

Mr Eugenides said...

I've ranted about this elsewhere, but what, exactly, has it got to do with the Unions to whom the NHS awards contracts?

Does a barmaid threaten to strike when the pub she works in is bought over? Oh, she says, but the new owner might not like me, and give me my notice. Well, yes, he might. Too bad. That's life.

Do the cleaners at Old Trafford have a view on the takeover of Manchester Utd by an American billionaire? Who knows? Who cares? Clean, and get paid, or don't, and get fired. End of discussion.

Nor is this peculiar to those in low pay. Sure, the more skilled you are, the easier it is to take your skills elsewhere if you're not happy with your working conditions - but do lawyers go on strike when their firm merges with a competitor? No; they get on with it.

We all have to; why should they be any different?

Anonymous said...

Has the rail go slow ended yet ?.