Friday, September 08, 2006

That Brown - Blair Unity For You.

Given that Our Cheshire Cat Chancellor harped on yesterday about his unity with Tony Blair, who finds it surprising that he’s been writing in The Sun today setting out his foreign policy issues?

.... Anyone?

In a few days, I will visit New York, and reaffirm to the American people that Britain — under the courageous leadership of Tony Blair — stands now as then, shoulder to shoulder with them.

Given that America currently considers Britain to be the source of its major threats I doubt Dubya’s going to find that comforting. Standing shoulder to shoulder is all well and good but while we’re doing all this standing we’re letting every crazy jihadi into our country and onto planes to the States.

In al-Qaeda, we face an enemy driven by hatred of our very existence.

Yet we still let them in and give them social security. Please explain Gordon, please.

Between justice and evil, humanity and barbarism, democracy and tyranny, no one can afford to be neutral or disengaged.
That is why — even as we mourn the losses from a dark week in Iraq and Afghanistan — Britain can take pride that our heroic armed forces are leading in the global fight we must wage against terrorism.

Hang on a minute... aren’t you currently the Chancellor? Is Foreign Policy and international diplomacy your thing? Let me think...

No it fecking isn’t... I might not like the Margaret “Pig Eyed Horse Frightener” Beckett but let the woman do her job. Get back to your fucking desk you bean counting extortionist and stay out of what doesn’t concern you.

I have already doubled the money we spend on security since 9/11 to £2billion per year, and I guarantee we will continue to spend whatever it takes to meet the new security demands we face, and our military commitments abroad.

So how come our forces are having to beg body armour, getting killed because they’re in a Land Rover rather than an APC, running out of ammunition and having the protective crash foam for aircraft denied because of money issues?

Why are our armed forces constantly complaining that the complex infantry operations they are required to undertake cannot be done due to lack of helicopters?

Is it because you’ve spent a fucking fortune on the Joint Strike Fighter which has zero use in any of the theatres of operation we are currently involved in?


So — as well as money — we must ensure our police have the powers they need.

Yes we should, and since 1997 you’ve ensured that they have neither.

So, alongside the national ID card scheme, our next step must be the introduction of biometrics in new passports and visas, and the screening of all passengers.

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again.

Enough with the ID Cards... they are only going to protect us from terrorism if they are 7 feet tall and made of kevlar.

And this is Labour's Great White Hope? Jesus...

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