Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'd Rather She Was Executed But This Will Do...

Live Long and Prosper


Former Cabinet minister Clare Short says she will be stepping down as a Labour MP at the next General Election.

Well after the week Blair’s had he probably needs some good news. I can hear the champagne corks popping in Downing Street already.

Ladywood MP Ms Short, 60, partly blamed Tony Blair's foreign policy and said: "I have reached a stage where I am profoundly ashamed of the government."

Welcome to Britain Shorty... we’ve been ashamed of Blair for fucking ages. Every time the useless bastard opens his mouth and says “well what’s really important is...” or "the facts of the matter are" or "in real terms" we hang our heads in shame. Short regularly has a go at the Americans for electing Bush, well look at what we elected, look at the leader HER PARTY put forward. Too right we’re fucking ashamed.

Now she’s saying she’s going to resign from parliament. Let’s see if she actually does since you might recall that she said she would resign if we invaded Iraq and then promptly didn’t.

Ms Short made her announcement in the Independent, in which she wrote: "Blair's craven support for the extremism of US neoconservative foreign policy has exacerbated the danger of terrorism and the instability and suffering of the Middle East.

OK Claire answer me this.... had Blair said no we’re not getting involved and Bush had gone ahead anyway as we know he could have. How would that have changed the situation?

"He has dishonoured the UK, undermined the UN and international law and helped to make the world a more dangerous place."

Dishonoured the UK yes, undermined the UN? Well good on him. The UN is the most spineless fucking paper shuffling exercise I have ever seen, and I’ve seen the EU. Ratshit insane jihadis all over the world are getting themselves Weapons of Mass Destruction and the UN responds with a 2 month committee meeting and launches a Strongly Worded Letter.

Jesus Christ, we’re toast!

I’ve just been listening to Old Labour’s Windbag on Jeremy Vine and I caught the anecdote that Blair used her to pass a message to Brown saying if he would green light the UK’s entry into the Euro he would let Gordon become Prime Minister earlier.

Somebody tell Guido....

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Ellee said...

She's a great press officer for the Tories..