Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did UKIP Achieve Something While I Wasn't Looking?

UKIP are announcing their new leader today. Personally I'm hoping for Nigel Farage as he is one of the best speakers I have seen since my interest in politics started.

Makes you wish he was on my side, and here's hoping that someone in the Tories pulls us out of Europe and then he might join.

Now they are not all fruitcakes and racists (after all... the
Humble Devil is in) but I think their former leader speaking today falls definitely into the fruitcake arena.

"UKIP MEP and former leader Jeffrey Titford said the party was ready for a change.
He told BBC News: "Whoever comes through, you're going to find that we're going to be involved far more with national politics and not so much selling the European line.

"We've won the European argument, the European Parliament argument, what we're looking for now is to get into British national politics and I think that will be right up on the agenda of the new leader." "

Given that we are both still within the EU and still within the EU Parliament, and that Brussels regularly rams an EU standardised marrow up our arse every 2 weeks how has their argument been won?

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