Thursday, September 07, 2006

Puppy On the Night Of The Long Letters

Long time blogger but newcomer to Guttersnipe’s Daily Reads, Rottweiler Puppy has a worthwhile analysis on why Labour is tearing itself apart.

I would have summed it up with Blair is a seven headed cocktard who should be shoved up John Prescott’s arse but the Puppy goes for the more intelligent explanation:

“See, back when they swept to power, the entire cess-pool of British leftism thought that they’d bagged a Clinton of their very own; that is, a charismatic, morally-bankrupt socialist who could con the general public into voting the left into power. As things turned out, Blair was pretty much everything he claimed to be — A genuine centrist who had no intention of endorsing every crackpot scheme for Britain that leftists cooked up.

… So that should have been a good thing, right? Well, no. See, there are a couple of problems with the Blair premiership, and they’re big ones:”

Go read the whole thing.

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