Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moonbat Watch II

Well I have been bored at work today, so time for another good sift through the BBC’s Have Your Say Section for the latest crop of care in the community cases.

Today they ask the question can Radical Islam be dealt with at home? Looking down the majority of answers they actually seem quite sensible but in amongst them there are the moonbats and foil hat wearers as ever.

“if they don't like this Country's foreign policy and way of life - they can always leave .......

This i'm afraid the above is an ignorant comment from an ignorant individual who has to understand that many of these so called 'foreigners' are 3rd or 4th generation born UK nationals whose forefathers were brought en' mass from the subcontinent in the 50's based on the the size of their hands, to assess their eligebility for manual work. How can these new generations of muslims simply go back?!”

As I recall nobody mentioned ‘going back’… the original poster, and your good Guttersnipe I might add, are merely suggesting that if you want to live under Sharia Law then you might want to live in say Iran rather than Ipswich.

“The UK's foreign policy is an affront to anyone with any morality but Muslims must feel this especially when you consider the sense of brotherhood that exists between all muslims.”

Yup…. Those Sunis and Shias just get along all fine and dandy don’t they? Still thinking about it myself and my learned brother Shouting Guttersnipe used to beat ten bells out of each other any chance we got.

“By the way - The UK Muslims that became terrorists did not go to faith schools - should we close down comprehensive schools?”

Yes…. Because they are shit, turn out slack jawed illiterate muppets like Prescott.

I save the best until last…. I wonder why this idiot is loose on the streets to write this, but also why Auntie felt the need to publicise it.

“Dr. Reid is doing a wonderful job. I have him as Prime Minister any day!”



Alethea said...

I HATE it when John Reid is referred to as DR. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! He is not a fucking physician. He is a little weasel. Using the title "Dr" is such an affectation. It really annoys me. I love it that the BBC and Sky do not refer to him as doctor and I thank them for that.

xoggoth said...

With others, Italians or Germans say, all one needed to do was intern them for the period of a conflict and a year or two after it ended you could release them confident that the threat was over.

Muslims seem to have allegiance to other Muslims regardless of what the conflict is about or the rights or wrongs of it. They seem to blame others not only for actions against them but for acting to aid Islamic Nations (Gulf war), for failing to act (Chechnya, Lebanon), or even for trying to act but not succeeding (Kosovo). As the continual banging on about the crusades indicates they also seem to have some defect in their judgement of time.

In my opinion they are a threat like no other.