Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sick Bastards! But At Least They'll Have a Hospital

Yesterday’s Times featured Nulab at its most insidious.

“A SECRET meeting has been held by ministers and Labour Party officials to work out ways of closing hospitals without jeopardising key marginal seats, The Times can reveal.”

Vision clouding….. rage taking over….

These people make me fucking sick, and sick is the last thing I need to be since as a Tory voter my hospital will be closed down. I blogged many times that NuLab is only working for its own interest and fuck the rest of us. How much more evidence do we need?

We see self detonating Islamic morons all over the place trying to further their agenda but at least they are clear and honest about their agenda and what they’ll do to achieve it. New fucking Labour put the fucking smiling grin of Blair on the telly and then set about royally ass raping us with a melon.

“Details of the meeting, revealed in e-mails passed to The Times, show that it included Hazel Blears, the Labour chairman, political advisers from No 10 and even — at the request of Ms Blears — a Labour Party representative.”

A Labour Party representative???? Not a Labour MP I could understand that but a Labour Party representative!!! Why is an unelected leftie fecktard helping to decide which hospitals should be closed and which shouldn’t?

You’ll note it includes Blears and some political advisers as well. No hint of any Trust CEO’s, Clinical Directors, you know the people that ACTUALLY run and work in the health service. You self-serving backstabbing cockwarts! It wouldn't surprise me if this Labour Party Rep had stood for parliament and been beaten... now he's out to exact his revenge on all those eeeevviiilllll Tory voters.

I’m not against hospital closures to save money, but do it on an economic basis you corrupt self-centred dogfisters and have the decisions made by people who are accountable to the public.
Not by some fucking Trade Union Gobshite. Not by some goatshafting Labour Party Donor and certainly not by some failed fucking Parliamentary Candidate who is more concerned with blaming Tories for the fact he hasn't got a diary secretary to grope.

“The e-mails show that Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, called for those at the meeting to be provided with “heat maps”, showing marginal Labour seats where closures or reconfigurations of health services could cost votes.”

Mr. E said that Patricia Hewitt should resign immediately. I disagree. She should be publicly crucified in Hyde Park. The ticket sales for such an extravaganza would probably pay for these hospitals to be saved.

Meanwhile the bastard teddy throwing trade unions have called the first strike in the NHS in over 20 years. That was how the BBC put it, it sounds a lot better than the first strike in the NHS since the last Labour Government.

It’s only going to cost them more hospitals… but hey when have the unions cared about facts?

This whole fucking NuLab set up stinks more than John Prescott’s sweaty arse after a good two hours of diary secretary action. We have healthcare irrespective of income apparently, but not irrespective of voting intention.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that politicians don’t generally offer some sort of bribe to get us to vote their way but this is rank fucking corruption at its worst. This is vote Labour or we’ll shut your fucking hospital.

I hope that the day after the election, these people are paraded through London and then hung drawn and quartered in the fucking Tower.


Anonymous said...

If anyone is gonna nail that rancid bitch to a cross i will gladly buy a ticket nails too and a hammer oh fuckit and a rocket launcher too just to make sure its dead.bitch hag

anadmirer said...

D'accord, but wear rubber gloves!

Ellee said...

You can't sink much lower than that.I have written about a consultant from Bedford who has formed his own political party to fight for a better NHS and to stop his hospital from closing, that's what's become of our health service now.