Monday, September 25, 2006

Please Sir... Can I Have Some Power?

Pick me... you'e got to pick me... I always get picked last!

This is in today’s Guardian

“Gordon Brown today laid out his credentials to be the next Labour leader and prime minister, but confessed "regret" to the Labour conference over his rows with Tony Blair.”

Oh look at that! The backstabber in chief and overseer of most of our domestic fuck ups, the head Blair blamer has suddenly got all repentant about his nefarious disloyal ways. I wonder if it’s anything to do with this…

today’s Telegraph

“Gordon Brown's hopes of being acclaimed as Tony Blair's successor at this week's Labour conference are severely dented today by a poll for The Daily Telegraph showing a sharp fall in the number of voters who think he would be a good prime minister.”

“Earlier in the year, 36 per cent of voters thought he would prove to be a good prime minister. That figure has fallen to 27 per cent, while the proportion thinking he would probably fail as prime minister has risen from 33 per cent to 44.”

Back to the Graun…

“The chancellor paid tribute to the PM, telling Mr Blair: "You taught our party - you saw it right, you saw it clearly and you saw it through - that we can't just be for one section of society, we've got to be for all of society."”

Oh fucking hell…. Why doesn’t he just stand on the podium and say “Sorry sir, it won’t happen again, can I have my toys back now?”


Ellee said...

Yes, and events have been overtaken by the excitement of the unpredictable, by Cherie and her unrestrained reflex action that totally squashed anything Gordon hoped he had achieved.

Alethea said...

Cherie says Gordon is a liar? She should know a liar when she sees one. She's been living with one for many years.

mitch said...

I wonder if she rehearsed that little asside in front of the mirror? mistake it was not and a financial journo to boot amazing stuff.Blew gordo right off the front page as intended.