Monday, September 04, 2006

Are The Purges Beginning?

According to Iain Dale, Labour have taken steps to make sure that there will be no more unfortunate incidents of throwing out people with a legitimate protest at this year’s conference..

So damaged was Labour by the expulsion of Walter Wolfgang from last year's conference that they have determined never to let it happen again. Party staff have been instructed to draw up a blacklist of all the potential future Walter Wolfgangs and have banned them from the Conference.

Yup.... They’ve apparently identified a list of all the potential hecklers and banned them from the conference.

OK, the more pissed off socialists there are in the world the happier your good Guttersnipe usually is, but hang on... aren’t these people Labour Party members? Haven’t they paid their fees and have the right to attend?

Nice to see democracy alive and well in our governing party don’t you think?

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Ellee said...

You can't gag people like Walter, and do you remember how the WI once heckled blair, the very backbone of our society!