Friday, September 08, 2006

Someone Apparently Gives a Shit About Anti-Semitism

I welcome this.... a lot.

“Labour backbencher Denis McShane said abuse took "classic forms" such as synagogues being vandalised and school children being spat at and insulted.

The former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith, who was one of the members of the panel, said the situation regarding anti-Semitic attacks was worse than he had previously believed.”

It makes me sick that Anti-Semitism seems to be acceptable in the UK whereas the merest hint of ‘islamophobia’ results in a flag burning parade requesting beheadings.

The panel's report has been welcomed by Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, who said the Jewish community would "fight prejudice in whatever form it takes".

Let’s start the ball rolling by getting rid of these two shall we?

It would go a long way don't you think?


judge judya said...

Can you give me one, just one, instance of George Galloway's anti-semitism?

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Having discovered your blog, I now begin an entertaining trawl through the back-posts.

Thank God someone else thinks Ken Livingstone's an arsehole. The mystery of his continued reelection in London is, for me, right up there alongside How Does Electricity Work.

As for Galloway -- an utterly obnoxious, entertaining oaf. Does anyone ever take him seriously? Sort-of like a left-wing and bombastic version of Boris Johnson.