Thursday, November 13, 2008

I See They Did Actually Trash The Place While I Was Away

Well it’s been nearly a year since Scarlet Pimpernel like I disappeared. Why? Mostly work but there was also a few other things…

The state of the country got so fucked up that I can no longer watch the news or pretty much any politics broadcast without wanting to throw the remote at the TV or use the BBC iPlayer as a punchbag. As such I have been remarkably ill-informed about the finer points of the world and not in a good place to offer insightful comment.

But then when has the Spleen ever been a place of insightful comment. Quite the reverse. This blog is all about calling the government and various socialists cunts and should remain so.

My good Greek colleague has returned to vent his ire after a well earned rest and I should do the same. After all if I don’t there will be one less person to cry “cunt”.
So I am back… and socialists… you are cunts.

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