Friday, January 18, 2008

Solution To All The Country's Ills

According to the news the BBC Licence Fee could be shared amongst other institutions as well naturally the BBC is sulking about it. However there is a real opportunity here to right all the wrongs of the country.

Scrap the BBC news and have everything depressing in the country reported by Pathe newsreels...

Flooding in Tewkesbury?
Well they may be up their necks in water but they're filled to the gills with spirits! The ladies of the Tewkesbury WI have built themselves rafts. They'll show Johnny Climate Change just how the British can cope... so Anchors Away Girls!

Terrorists Bomb the Tube?
Look at this plucky chap here... he's cycling through the remains of the Tube station... Old Abdul's not going to stop this chap getting to work! Hat's off to you Tommy!

Really... the British have lost their pluckiness.. get it back and all the problems in the world get demoted to "something the British can cope with" and therefore don't need solutions.

Care to back my campaign? I think it has merit… spread the word.


Clunking Fist said...

Brilliant! Where do I sign?

Jackart said...

Yup. Count me in. Can I still call Gordon Brown a C**T, or do I have to call him a "Swine and a Rotter"?

Barnsley Bill said...

me too, welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is it isn't Abdul that is causing the mayhem - it's that leech Brown. I want a statue of him in Trafalgar Square so that I can pull the bastard down.