Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Body is My Temple OK?

Every time I looked at my life and see what our crackpot fucking government has taken from me whether in money or other delights of my life that I am now no longer allowed to do I think “what the fuck do you want… blood?”

Now it seems they’re going for
the next best thing.

“Gordon Brown is not ruling out a change in the law on organ donation even though a panel of experts has rejected the idea of "presumed consent".”

Light blue touch paper and retreat.

Just fuck off will you? Just fuck off… I cannot believe what I am reading. In fact in the car yesterday the charming Lady Guttersnipe actually turned off the radio after fearing for my blood pressure.

This fucking shower of cunts feel it perfectly OK to allow a woman to keep a child that is being systematically beaten to death but seem to make it compulsory for me to pony up my fucking organs whether I like it or not.

Just fucking take your illiberal fucking attitude and fuck off.

You take enough from me in life, I’d like a choice about what you fucking take from me when I die OK?
Besides.... they can't even manage to take my fucking rubbish away on time, what fucking chance have they got of getting my organs off me?

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Mitch said...

absofukinglutely spot on.