Thursday, November 13, 2008

He's Right You Know!

Gordon turns his attention to those of us not in the Public Sector
Richard Littlejohn lets fly in today’s Mail.
As the headline of his article suggests, for years he’s always had a good laugh at the wealth of non-jobs offered in the public sector through the Jobs section of the Guardian. But our economy is going tits fucking up everywhere you look and still the government and public sector are recruiting like crazy for every fucking pointless waste of our money going…. And these are the fucktards that are now running some major banks?
Now…. It is taking the fucking piss. Get in there son
In yesterday's Guardian, for instance, Nottinghamshire NHS was advertising for an assistant director of equality and human rights, salary up to £77,179 a year.
'Acting as our champion on equality, diversity and human rights, you will work in collaboration with our external partners to develop and co-ordinate strategic policies.' After that, I lost the will to live.
But you have to ask why the NHS needs equalities and human rights 'champions'. We're talking about the NHS, not the United Nations. All most of us want from the health service is easy access to a GP and a dentist and fulfilment of the reasonable expectation that in the event of our having to go into hospital for a routine operation, we won't die from a superbug we have contracted on the ward.
Barnet Council, in North London, is desperately seeking a Head of Internal Audit and Ethical Governance, on £80,000 a year, plus the usual perks. How on earth have they managed without one all these years?
Back in Nottingham, the police are looking for a Performance, Partnerships and Business Development Manager, just shy of £40,000 a year. The successful applicant will be responsible for 'delivery of programme capabilities and business results and strategic development of a comprehensive...' You get the gist.
Now you know what happens to all the money they save closing police stations and taking policemen off the beat.
His closing statement really hits a note.

We are now two nations - those who have to make a living in the real world and the army of subsidised public 'servants' guaranteed their jobs and index-linked pensions regardless of cost.
While millions of us in the competitive sector of the economy stare down the barrel of redundancy, the feather-bedded inhabitants of Brown's bloated client state are insulated from the realities of his economic mismanagement.
They won't be joining the three million unemployed any time soon.
Brown bangs on about highest employment ever… very little of it seems to be employed to do any actual fucking work.

Why not take your Diversity Tsars and get them to empty my fucking bins more than once a fortnight?


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