Sunday, December 02, 2007

What Does One Have To Do To Get Fired?

My good Greek friend's lefty love interest is vowing not to go down without a fight...


"Wendy Alexander intends to carry on as Scottish Labour leader, despite continued pressure for her to quit over donations to her leadership campaign. "

Well that's not really surprising given that integrity and honour are seen as mere obstacles to becoming a Labour leader rather than desirable qualities.

Harman's still in a job, Mendhelson's still in a job, Hain's still in a job. What does one have to do to get fired in the Labour party?

However things are going to go from bad to worse in the future because the only thing that will make this story go away is if the protagonists go away, and Brown can't sack Harman because he doesn't employ her. The Labour Party would need to bung in a vote of no confidence in its Deputy Leader, Brown gets no bigger say that anyone else... and it does appear that she's not going to resign.

Now, the muttering has started for successors to Gordon Brown. But unlike the Tories, the Labour Party have no means of making a leadership challenge to get rid of Brown, any more than they could to get rid of Blair. If Brown wants to stay, he's staying.

We'll be putting up with this shower of shit for some time now.

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