Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Government: Self-Serving Shameless Fucking Scum

In addition to our own armed forces appearing well down on our ratshit government’s priority list they are extending their shameless brand of cuntery to their aupport staff as well.


More than half the Iraqi interpreters who applied to come to live in Britain have had their applications rejected, drawing accusations that the Government is “wriggling out” of its promise to help former Iraqi employees. The Times has learnt that 125 of the 200 interpreters who took up the offer to resettle in Britain have failed to meet the strict criteria laid down for eligibility.

Labour wriggling out of a promise? Well there’s something new isn’t there?

We have campaigned for these people to be granted asylum for months on the basis that they have put themselves in the firing line for the betterment of their country and if you believe Blair’s look on everything bettering ours as well.

But no… this is fucking Labour isn’t it? And their army of fucking nit-picking fucking civil cunt servants whose sole experience of running from something is running from one fucking taxpayer-funded gravy train to the next.

In three cases seen by The Times, former Iraqi employees were told that they were ineligible because of “absenteeism”.

Absenteeism… I imagine that the Iraqi interpreters have a slightly different level of excuse for being absent from work. They’re not just sat on their arses at home with last night’s pizza watching Jeremy Kyle while they nurse the mildest hangover recorded since George Best had one small sherry.

They’re not taking the average civil servant’s fucking junket by spending an average of 5 weeks off on sick, or just fucking going on strike. They’re fucking being hunted down and killed along with their families you fucking fucks.

This is the letter they got.

“We have considered your case very carefully but we are sorry to inform you that, because your service with the British Forces was terminated for absence, you do not meet the minimum employment criteria for this scheme.”

And the reason for his absence?

Safa told The Times that he had never resigned but had been forced to stop working after receiving two bullets and a written death threat at his house in Basra in April. Married with one child, he said that he was advised by an army liaison officer and intelligence officials to stay at home until he felt safe.

So we advised him to stay off work, and then we fuck him over for doing so. Fucking mandarin cunts.

Lynne Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat MP who has championed the cause of the Iraqi interpreters, said that the Government needed to use its imagination in a difficult case.

Now.. much as Lynne’s got the right angle here… this is not a difficult case. This is a fucking piece of piss.

Meanwhile Batshit fucking smug ratcunt Milliband will be off in his comfortable fucking hotel signing the EU treaty to make sure we have fewer fucking rights than the Iraqis…

Cunts all of them, I cannot think of a better case for a live fucking beheading.

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