Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quote Of The Day... and It's Not In PMQs

OK I'm a geek (not in the same league as Dizzy mind) but I've never really seen the pull of World of Warcraft.

However this review in The Register caught my eye...

"For the hardcore World of Warcraft fan who has everything (but regular access to fresh air and sunlight, of course): How about a WoW-themed gaming notebook?

Dell is punting a special edition of the XPS M1730 emblazoned with World of Warcraft artwork and a goodie bag of extras."

Fairly techie stuff in the review... but the summary had me in stitches:

"If you were simply mulling the idea of permanent virginity before, now is your chance to really grab it by the horns. "

Give that man a promotion!

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