Monday, December 03, 2007

Did You Find What You Were Looking For? - November

Grateful as I am for every Guttersnipe who appears to view these sacred pages. Some of the things that are being searched for really raise too many questions:

Gordon brown kiddie fiddler (??? – Brown’s many things, but this?)
Twat problems (I share your pain brother or at least I think I do)
Harriet Harman is a cunt
David Abrahams rent boys
Teddy bear fucking muslims
Religious belief for spleen

But did this person find what he was looking for?

Goth girls fuck for money

And what the fuck was this person trying to find?

catalog lingerie scan grattan 19

1 comment:

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Gordon brown kiddie fiddler (??? – Brown’s many things, but this?)"

Actually, I had heard rumours from someone the other day, as it happens: I'm trying to source any evidence...