Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Might Not Know A Lot About Art...

...But I know bollocks when I see it….

Mark Wallinger has been named the winner of the Turner Prize for his replica of the one-man anti-war protest in Parliament Square, State Britain.

A replica of Brian Haw’s protest? A replica? So let me get this straight… this fucktard basically copied someone else’s work and got paid £25,000 for doing so. Meanwhile Brian Haw, who let’s not forget has just had his original work plagiarised by a Campari drinking twat, is still sitting out in the rain rather devoid of £25K he might just appreciate.

So, anyone want to start a petition?

“We, the undersigned believe that Brian Haws deserves £25K since he did the original work and there are copyright issues and all that, plus when Brian actually manages to get all our troops brought back home there’s nothing they’d like more than to go round and kick ten bells out of this conceptual fucktard”
Think it will catch on?
“For the exhibition he chose to display a film of him roaming the National Gallery in Berlin in a bear suit. “
Oh for fuck’s sake…. Can someone in the art world please, please have the courage to say “actually you know what? That’s bollocks”
A fucking bear suit and this makes him an artist? Probably the same calibre of artist that these chaps are then…

Every detail was copied from his tarpaulin shelter and tea-making area to the messages of support and hand-painted placards.

Get that… copied! In later years are we going to see school report cards that say “We are proud to give young Gutternsipe an A* as he has copied every detail of young Darren’s essays”.
Just fuck off…. And take your fucking artwork and shove it up your thought-provoking arse… in a postmodern fashion if you like.
However it’s not all £25,000 bungs to fucktards…. Some of them only get £5,000.
Nelson was shortlisted for Amnesiac Shrine, which features a maze of mirrors,
Anything like this one?

They get £5,000 for this sort of shit…. You can buy a Deputy Labour Leader for that amount.

Last year German-born artist Tomma Abts became the first woman painter to win the prize.
Well fuck me with Monet’s paintbrush…. Somebody actually won it for painting something? I don’t believe it… although it was probably just a wall with “I have painted something” written on it.

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