Sunday, December 02, 2007

Psychologically Dysfunctional... I Like It!

I don't usually look further into ConHome's Columnists section, however I do wish I'd written this:

The first run on a British bank for a century, and Brown’s reaction is to undermine the Bank of England governor through newspaper leaks. We get an ID fiasco beyond the realms of the imaginable, and Brown’s response is to blame a clerk and to attack the Conservatives for their 2005 election manifesto. It was that moment at PMQs which convinced me that Brown is, at best, psychologically dysfunctional. Only a machine could have felt it was in its tactical interests to attempt to blame David Cameron for the child benefit identity disaster. Now he seeks to end the career of Harriet Harman, rather than tell us the truth about what his campaign team knew about the illicit funding scandal.

Soon there will be insufficient useful idiots to take the bullets for Brown: who’s he going to use then? If I were (shudder) Ed Balls or Douglas Alexander, I would be lying awake at night, wondering how long I could rely on the protection of the Leader; how much would my years of devoted loyalty count for, if push comes – as it will – to shove? I doubt we’re able to begin to guess at the level of paranoia in the Bunker of the Fist. "

Go read the whole thing.


mitch said...

He is fuckin deranged he makes mr bean look quite normal.he is as mad as a fish in a privet hedge.

flashgordonnz said...

More mad than a fish on a bicycle?