Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Thought Struck Me...

The Liberal Democrats' new leader, Nick Clegg, has announced a reshuffle of the party's front bench.

The full list is available here.

Now go have a look at that list… count them, there are 35 front bench positions in the commons that I can make out which by my calculations, based on the 2005 election count of 62MPs is 56.4% of the Parliamentary Party.

Any backbench rebellions aren’t going to last long are they?


Surreptitious Evil said...

Come off it - this the Lib-Dims we are talking about. The lot that viciously stabbed their last couple of, for want of a better word, leaders in the back? I'm sure the plots are already hatched, weaned and running.

Just remember, the number of possible plots is 61! = staggering lots, just for the MPs alone (assuming, probably incorrectly - he is a Lib-Dim, that Clegg isn't insane enough to plot against himself.) You've then got 16 expensive wastes of space (or MSPs as they like to call themselves) and 11 extremely expensive wastes of space (aka MEPs).

Oh no, plenty of fun to be had here, before, in the run up to and during the next election (soon may it come).

The Nameless One said...

With Chris Huhne only losing by 300 odd votes, he'll be plotting away.

I mean, that man exudes evil. I'd imagine there is the smell of sulphur whenever he enters the room. He is so slimy that he wouldn't have looked out od place in Blair's first cabinet!

The Nameless One said...

Sorry, meant 500 odd votes.

Which I thought, judging by the polls, is the sum total of those who were still supporting the Lib Dems...