Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just How Moral Is That Compass?

Over at Harry Haddock's fine shopkeeping nation... I believe he has reached breaking point.

"Then we had David ‘fly the red flag’ Blunkett. Misuse of public funds for his shag piece. Peter ‘dances like a dream’ Mandleson. Dodgy loans. Twice. Dodgy dossiers ~ no juicy sex action here, just a few thousand dead British servicemen, countless dead and injured Iraqi’s, a great scientist driven to suicide, and a country left in tatters. The general stench was so overwhelming it is hard to catalogue it all. Cash for honours ~ no wrong doing there, obviously. Tobacco advertising bans mysteriously lifted to the benefit of wealthy labour donors.

Meanwhile, without a hint of irony, they stand over us and tell us how simply horrid we all are. First it was handguns, as we couldn’t be trusted. Then fox hunting, a pastime for barbarians ~ oh, why can you not be civilised like us (that will get you back for the miners)?, You’re all eating fatty foods! And salt! And drinking to much! Stop smoking at the back ~ right, that’s it ~ banned (not in our place of work, obviously)! Thousand upon thousand of new laws to keep the rabble in line, while they attend parties with the great and the good to discuss funding their monster."

Do read the whole thing... It is a work of genius.

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