Friday, December 07, 2007

Terry: An Advert For State Education

Over at resident joke butt Terry Kelly's blog he is talking about his birthday...

"They say that you are getting on when you are glad that the phone is not ringing for you, well that has already happened and suddenly, yesterday it was, I became 59. Another big 0 approaches and a third of my life is almost over, I continue to grow old disgracefully."

So, as a lasting testament to the brilliance of his beloved state education system Terry believes a third of his life to be nearly over at 59.

Is the NHS keeping people alive until they are 180 these days?

Terry is, of course, Wendy Alexander's election agent. Curiously you'll find absolutely no posts about Wendy of late.

If you're in the mood, do check out
Terry Watch. Brilliant stuff.


The Great Simpleton said...

"I remember telling my children that I couldn’t count the number of jobs that I have had and they were amazed, leaving school in 1963 meant plenty of work and the swinging sixties, we moved around and did seasonal work, that’s where a lot of the jobs were and we had a great time"

But they rant against these types of jobs now!

Surreptitious Evil said...

The thought of him being around (well, he is rather round) in 119 years to be irritating the shit out of my great-great-great-grandchildren is really quite disrupting my equanimity.

I'll have to make sure that RFS and I hand TerryWatch admin rights down in our wills ...

antique doorknob said...
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