Thursday, December 06, 2007

Should He Be Sacked?


“The Conservatives have called for Paul Myners, the prominent businessman who is head of the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA), to be sacked after he attacked the party during an edition of BBC1's Question Time last week.

Chris Grayling, Tory pension spokesman, yesterday lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Work and Pensions and Secretary of State Peter Hain.”

Well the man’s entitled to his opinion… I think calling for him to be sacked is a bit much. On the same basis we could demand Terry Kelly and Neil Harding to be sacked. It would be a lovely world wouldn’t it?

No… don’t sack him, just look at his argument.

“The complaint comes after Mr Myners, former chairman of Marks and Spencer, accused David Cameron of being a "superior young toff" whose only job outside politics was to work at a TV company that "lost billions".”

Now I think given the whole woes of Marks and Spencer at the time Mr. Myners departed to become a Civil Service Labour Party stooge, this is a bit rich.

However say what he likes about David Cameron, his option appears to be a one-eyed arrogant cuntbubble who has never had a job outside politics.

Fairly easy to dismantle when you look at it isn’t it?

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Surreptitious Evil said...

I think there is a well established convention, admittedly ruined by this Government and its predecessor, that civil servants should not express political opinions.

Terry, because he wears a red rosette, was voted in so, as can Chris Grayling, can spew forth political bile if he so choses. As can, as non-elected but also not civil servants, thee and I. Harding works?

To answer your question, yes, he should. If Hain thinks Myners is so great, he can then give him a job as a Spad, where people who don't understand the Civil Service Code belong. Legally, that is. Morally, they belong in Gehenna.