Saturday, December 01, 2007

We Didn't See This One Coming Now Did We?

It seems that anyone who thought that the dodgy donations scandal would be used to shoe-horn in state funding were right:

"The last week has shown the need for immediate changes in our own party.

"But I would also argue it has seen the need for broader change within our system of political funding," he told party supporters.

Gordon, let me be clear on this…

We don’t need you to change the rules on party funding. We just need you to fucking obey them!

"We have learned just how easily trust in our politics can be eroded. We must now complete the work of change, address the problems that still remain to be resolved, not hesitate to make the changes necessary and seek to build greater confidence in the integrity of our political system".
I think the changes necessary to build greater integrity in our political system is for you, and your party to fuck off. Right now. Just fuck off... and take your bunch of cocksnuffling charlatans with you.


flashgordonnz said...

The NZ Labour party (in fact all but one NZ political party) spent taxpayer money on "electioneering” at the last election. So everyone paid it back to the taxpayer. Expect for NZ Labour, who are near broke. Instead, they introduced a retrospective law, legalising their spending. Now are they are busy trying to pass the Electoral Finance Bill. This will require people to register, with a state quango, if they wish to make any political statements in an election year (starting 1 January). As we have 3-year terms, nearly one-third of the time, free political speech will be restricted.
Same name, same nature. Liarbore. Pity those poor Ockers who have just voted them in…

flashgordonnz said...

But govt department spending on advertising in election year is carefully exempt from rules about electioneering.
So we expect EVEN MORE lovely ads from Inland Revenue telling us about the wonderful tax credits and "KiwiSaver" schemes, from hospitals decribing all the "new" "free" services available soon.

It is funny to see white middle class kiwis marching, most (like me) first time ever, joined by Maori sovernty groups, some greens and even some lefties.
Marches in favour of the new

PS lovely video of a couple of lefties unable to agre who is the "truest" lefty:


We watch with dismay from this part of the world what your ZanuLabour tribal grouping is upto: our lot are fast catching up in terms of strategy.

flashgordonnz said...

ps sorry forgot to mention, the bloke (and the woman on his right) were hit in the face WITH THEIR OWN MEGAPHONE. That's right: they gave the agressor (Lab party offical) the megaphone to allow him to speak with the protestors outside the Labour Party conference.
Yes: lefties protesting against Labour! Roffle!