Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Putting It Into Perspective

Get accused of fiddling your expenses without proof... and you're managed out of the system.

"Despite being only 48, Andy Hayman, an assistant commisioner, said the "time was right" for him to leave his high-profile job as head of the specialist operations department at the Metropolitan Police, which includes anti-terror and protection squads."

"In recent weeks, it has emerged that Mr Hayman was facing an investigation into £15,000 of expenses claims and foreign trips with a woman police sergeant, Heidi Tubby, his former staff officer. Mr Hayman has denied any impropriety and has offered a justification for all expenditure."

However get caught bang to rights accepting illegal monies... and you're job's secure:

"Wayne David, Labour MP for Caerphilly, told BBC Radio Wales the non-declaration of donations was a "huge cock up" but there was "no question at all about Peter Hain being a man of integrity and transparent honesty". BBC

"Gordon Brown’s election chief, Douglas Alexander, ordered his sister not to resign as Scottish Labour Party leader for fear of causing fallout throughout the Cabinet. " Times

"Harriet Harman today insisted she will not be forced out of the Cabinet by her role in Labour’s unlawful donations crisis. " Telegraph

Fucking self-serving fucking cunting cunts!

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