Wednesday, December 05, 2007

TwatWatch... Neil Harding!

Apparently, according to Neil Harding… all the current woes in Britain are down to Margaret Thatcher… 17 years after she stopped being Prime Minister she’s had such an effect that she’s still strangling the country after a greater length of time than she was in charge of it.

Amongst such things that Maggie should be taking full and personal responsibility for are Northern Rock, fat kids, being crap at sport and muslim terrorism by personal favourite, and the reason it has taken me so long to blog this due to laughter is…

"Dodgy Party Funding and DataGate - Thatcher's autocratic style and disregard for democracy 'won' elections and forced Labour to follow suit. Thatcher abolished local government and she put undemocratic Quangos in its place. We still haven't recovered from this top-down unaccountable managerial inefficiency."

Oh for fuck's sake, as Longrider and DK say... "Now I've heard everything".

Even Blair failed to stay in power as long as Thatcher. Let’s be fair here, Maggie was duly elected for an 11 year period, and even after that the nation elected the greyest man in politics rather than the lefty ginger welsh thoughtcrime that was Neil Kinnock. What was undemocratic about that?

Of course, you currently have a leader that has not been elected even by his own party, another leader, a deputy leader and a deputy leader wannabe who all got there through obtaining illegal money, and the Labour government have more unelected quangoes and appointed people in the Lords based on the size of their wallets than anyone else in history.

What… the fuck… are you thinking? That Thatcher forced Labour to bring in laws on election donations and then break them? What fucking lunacy!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the irony of a dinosaur fucking socialist complaining about the evils of "top-down unaccountable managerial inefficiency".

Fucking priceless.

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mewmewmew said...

So given that I have to do a breakdown of all this and keep records of my expenses in case the government think I’m conning money out of them why is it not the case for our MPs?
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