Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who's The Nasty Party Now Then?

Oh the Politics Show today was a moment of pure brilliance... it really was. I'm not really a supporter of the licence fee, but today's Politics Show was worth the licence fee twice over.

On questioning Huhne denied that he would refer to Nick Clegg as a calamity... and then Sopel responds by saying "so why do I have here a briefing from your office entitled "Calamity Clegg""

Oh the look on Huhne's face was priceless, it was like he'd just been told Ed Balls was his father.

Fucking awesome television.

What followed was a rather stuttered defence followed by a LibDem bitchfight. Genius!

If any chaps from the BBC are reading this could you put together a DVD of this, with commentary and extras please?

I'll buy several.

See it for yourself here.... and some more coverage of it here.

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