Thursday, November 29, 2007

And Today's Government Fuck Up Is....

Telegraph again...

"Hundreds of criminals, including those accused of sexual offences, have avoided prosecution after a "cover-up" in magistrates' courts, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, is to admit that over a period of "many years" hundreds of cases never came to court because warrants were not issued for the arrests of defendants when they failed to show up at court. It means that the offenders got away with their crimes. Mr Straw has known about the cases, which initially involved Leeds magistrates' court but are suspected could go much wider, for some weeks."

Why were these warrants not issued? Does anyone in the government or the civil service take crime and punishment seriously? or are crimes just another fucking reason to saddle us with ID cards rather than actually doling out punishments.

Once again the Home Office whose remit this comes under proves that it is not fit for purpose, and that Jack Straw is a vile corrupt cunt who knew this was going on.

I dearly hope that there is a pile of arrest warrants for absconding nonces being assembled as we speak.

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