Friday, November 30, 2007

Clutching At Straws...

It’s bad enough having Blears, Brown and that stupid NuLab fucktard Flint banging on in defence of the rank stinking corruption that is the Labour Party, but in typical fashion we now have Neil fucking Harding too…

Although Brown cannot be blamed for some of the problems Labour currently faces - (
discgate could have happened under any government and the party funding fiascos that puts the blame for sleaze solely at Labour's door is unfair because it... ignores the fact that the Tories with their front companies are just better at disguising their anonymous loans.

Neil, Neil, Neil you seem to be hiding behind the usual Labour mantra of “we might be bad but the Tories are far worse”.

The website you link to shows companies funding the Tories by loans. You can hardly state that the Tories are better at disguising their anonymous loans when frankly those loans have been declared. Hardly what one would call anonymous.

Putting the blame for this sleaze at Labour’s door is precisely fair, all the way through the selling peerages scandal, sorry… did I say scandal? I meant all the way through the selling peerages rank corruption on the part of the government, Labour said the Tories do it all the time, and yet provided and could provide no evidence of it at all. The Tories walked away clean, you just have a problem with it being possibly because they were clean.

For all the Tory sleaze of the 90s, it was all about knobbing the odd actress or meeting up with the odd rent boy... it did not involve the selling of a section of our democracy, it does not involve a £650,000 money laundering operation, it did not involve anyone fast-tracking their nanny's visa. Your lot are fucking corrupt.

Also, the laws on party funding transparency never existed before Labour came in. The Tories were perfectly content for all sorts of dodgy donors to be kept secret. Worse activity by the Tories before 1997 undoubtedly went unnoticed…

This may well be the case, but the key difference is that when Labour brought these laws in the Tories obeyed them. They may well have been content to hide secret donors, however when the law required them to be more open they have been. Which is a damn sight more than the shower of shite you are allied to who seem to believe that their own laws do not apply to them.

and so far there is no reason to suspect that
Labour donor David Abrahams is anything other than just publicity shy, rather than corrupt. Can the same be said about Lord Ashcroft (who wont even live here and pay tax) and others who donate to the Tories.

Has Lord Ashcroft done anything illegal? He has donated money which is being spent on targeting marginal seats, I can’t see that there is anything wrong with that. All parties target marginal seats. Lord Ashcroft’s donations are declared, well publicised and if there are any issues with them then the information is there to act on them.

If anyone cares to ask what Lord Ashcroft is doing with his money then the answers are available. Should anyone wish to ask what David Abrahams is doing with his money I imagine the police might need to be involved, but hang on…
they are.

Whiter than white… purer than pure… it’s just bollocks.

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Trixy said...

He is well known amongst the North East media for not being a particularly nice piece of work. As one former journalist on a big regional rag up there said to me, if there's money involved then he's after something.

This is a man who paid a woman to pretend to be his wife for a candidate selection instead of being honest about being gay.