Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have They Managed To Keep Anything Secure?

Trust Us... We're from the Revenue

From the Mail:

“At least two more discs containing data that could put people at risk of ID fraud have been lost by Revenue and Customs, it has been revealed.

Staff at the tax offices in Washington, Tyne and Wear, said they sent more two unencrypted discs to London but they are unaccounted for.

The discs contained national insurance numbers and dates of birth but unlike the previous two, which were lost from the same office, did not contain bank account details. “

What the cheesefuck are these people doing? And how long have they known about this one? Were they keeping it under their hat until Cyclops ordered his check of security procedures at which point they felt the need to fess up?

You have to wonder now how many times this has happened before don’t you?

Well, actually you don’t…

The news comes as it was revealed last night that bungling officials who lost the personal and banking details of everyone who receives child benefit were guilty of more than 2,100 security breaches last year - dragging Gordon Brown to the centre of the shambles.

Many of the blunders - which date between October 2006 and September 2007 - took place while Mr Brown was still Chancellor, but are only now being made public.

2,100 breaches of security? 2,100 between October 2006 and 2007. Bear in mind that this doesn’t include the latest display of fucktardery as that started on October 18th.

2,100 over that period of time is a mean average of 5 security breaches per day.

Well at least someone’s getting their recommended 5 a day aren’t they?


This was Brown and his fucking top-down cure-all mass centralisation of the Revenue and the Customs creating what many people viewed as a monster department too big to actually work. A bit like the NHS.

Whoever gets hung for all this, and it looks cynically like they’re going to make an example of the “junior member of staff” who sent it out rather than say the people actually responsible, it is the duty of every good Guttersnipe to make sure that the people never forget whose fault this really was.

Amazon sends more CDs than this and doesn't lose them in the post.

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