Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bring Me A Pitchfork!


A senior High Court judge has refused a government request to reconsider a tribunal's decision to prevent a murderer being deported to Italy. Learco Chindamo, the murderer of London head teacher Philip Lawrence, could be released from prison next year.

Now this twat has murdered a headmaster. Being a headmaster is a shit job with crap pay, too much hassle and too much responsibility, and our grateful state has allowed one of it’s committed public servants to be killed by the people in its care and now will not get rid of the fucker once he walks.

So I very briefly ask… why the fuck are we keeping this twat in the country? No doubt having paid for his incarceration we’re going to continue to pay for him once he leaves prison. Does anyone really think he is going to be a productive, well behaved member of society once he leaves?

Although in answer to my question…

The judge emphasised his decision was mainly based on EU regulations and the fact that it would be "disproportionate" to remove Chindamo, as an EU citizen, under those regulations.

So much for the “automatic deportation” bollocks that Brown was spouting. Can we leave now?

Philip Lawrence served others his entire career. It cost him his life. You cunts in charge owe him.. and you owe his family.. and you owe the family of every man like this. This man died protecting another pupil. To anyone who has children in school out there he could have given his life protecting your son and daughter.

To all the parents reading this… this is a good demonstration of how valuable your child’s life is to these fucks.

… and just in case you were thinking this was an isolated incident:

It also follows news on Wednesday that a serious sex offender has been given the right to stay in Britain because deporting him to his native Sierre Leone would breach his human right to a family life.

Whenever I hear the phrase “human rights” lately it makes me go and open my gun cabinet. These people are fucking scum, they are scum in their own countries and they are scum here.

Victims have human rights too. Justice is a human right too. The Human Fucking Rights Act may as well be written in blood. I care less about the feelings of these people than they did about their victims. A lot less. A few fucking ropes and lampposts will sort the problem out a treat.


Fidothedog said...

Well said and we should hang a few fine justices, lords and assorted "outreach workers"

Anonymous said...

Did you Know, This Country belongs to the People, NOT to Parliament, Our common rights predate Parliament
currently, without our consent it is sold for the cost of a £40.00 Immigration pack.
It is to be surrendered to a foreign Power, the EU.
We have never been asked about this nor given our consent to this.
This country is OUR Birthright, paid for with the Blood of Our Ancestors, It belongs to Our Chilren.
Immigration is to dilute Our National Identity, (and our vote), welfare is the Lure.
This must stop,
We must demand control of our Country back for Our Children
They are hoping we do not know this so educate yourself about our Constitution, yes we do have a constitution
and it is written, it is just on several documents rather than one, again, THEY will tell you we do not have and we need to write ourselves a (EU ) Constitution, this is a Lie.
Spread the word.Wake others Up they are stealing our Country, surrendering it to a foreign power is Treason.
Your MP is hoping you do not Know this, DEMAND that he votes against this treasonous plot if he wants to keep his seat
Headed for an EU Soviet type Police State.

Umbongo said...

The problem with "human rights" legislation is the misapprehension that its conventions and regulations exist to protect everyone and enhance human existence generally. Not so: the purpose of this stuff is to protect the citizen from the state. Accordingly, Chindamo and Kendeh (the scum from Sierra Leone) are protected from the state by enforcement of the human rights legislation by our wonderful judiciary of which Mr Justice Hodge is such an outstanding luminary. To the contrary, Mr Lawrence and those assaulted by Kendeh are in no need of protection from the state. After all the state did not knife Mr Lawrence: the state did not indecently assault 11 women.

The rudimentary belief among ordinary people (ie not those concerned in upholding or administering the law or members of the political class) that the victims of crime should expect the British state to protect them from this scum is treated with contempt. A further illustration of this contempt for the "little people" is the ease with which the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police can keep his job after the organisation he heads (and presumably controls) has been found guilty of corporate murder (OK it was a Health 'n' Safety prosecution but the reality is that the police were on trial for homicide) and that this refusal to accept any responsibility is defended by the Mayor of London. Mind you, had De Menenzes been an equally innocent Muslim from Brick Lane, Livingstone would have been the first in line calling for Blair's head - but that's another species of contempt altogether.