Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three Guesses What The Inquiry Will Find...

I've not ranted so far about the money laundering operation that is Labour Party funding. Mostly because I have had no idea where to start, however...

...over at the blog of that nice Mr. Dale he questions just how independent Gordo's independent enquiry is going to be: [Emphasis mine - RG]

"The inquiry which Gordon Brown announced yesterday into the donations scandal will be conducted by a former Labour Party General Secretary (Lord Whitty), scrutinised by a Judge (Lord McClusky) who is a former Labour politician and the former Bishop of Oxford, (Richard Harries) who, if I remember correctly, was successfully encouraged by Peter Mandelson to slag off the Tories in the mid 1990s. And who does it report to? Harriet Harman, the chairman of the Labour Party whose own conduct forms a part of the investigation! You couldn't make it up."

The brass neck of these mendacious cuntbugles is rfankly staggering... Not this time you bastards, not this time. Don't swallow this horsehit. It's just as much a whitewash as the fucking Hutton enquiry and the Cash-for-Honours enquiry. This is like asking Ian Huntley to go find evidence that he murdered two girls.

The lot of them ought to be hung drawn and quartered like the last bloke that tried to fuck over Parliament.

I fucking hate all of you fucking cunting cunts!

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