Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did Blair See This Coming?

This thought has just occurred to me, it’s probably occurred to some of you before so I claim no credit for originality.

We Tories keep saying things like “Government on its last legs”, “Whiff of decay”, “Time has past” and all that sort of shit but did Blair think the same thing? Hence his desire to get out while he could and enjoy huge sums of money for talking shit to China.

Pretty much the moment Blair everything seems to have gone to shit. Not that it wasn’t shit before but clearly it was getting to a stage where they could no longer paper over the cracks and when the dam burst Blair could be far far away.

Since Brown took over we’ve had:

  • Northern Rock
  • HMRC Debacle
  • Home Office Immigrants Fuck Up
  • More foot and mouth outbreaks
  • Catastrophic flooding

And that’s just in 5 months. Does this go some way to explaining Blair’s change of heart from “serving a full third-term” to buggering off the first possible opportunity.

Could it have been his final “fuck you” to Cyclops that when he saw the cracks he let Gordon take over to oversee the grand collapse?

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