Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Not Like Me To Defend Labour People But...

There are moments when one man can demonstrate how precious our right to free speech is when he can utter such well timed brilliance as this.

Via The Snob I have found this:

"Matthew Marr, press adviser to party leader Wendy Alexander, quit his £60,000-a-year post after becoming "tired and emotional" at a glittering awards ceremony and loudly describing Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, as a "c***". "

It is not like me to act in solidarity with any Labour people at all... however on this occasion I am sure I can make an exception:

Salmond.... you're a cunt!

Power to the people! Surely you scots would agree with him?

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Fidothedog said...

According to the paper he was "tired & emotional" and Mr Salmond did not hear it which is a shame as it cost the chap his job.

Next time yell it a bit louder I say.