Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't Worry Gordon... Auntie Still Loves You!

Ah the good old Beeb. Nick Assinder's PMQ's Sketch rarely manages to give David Cameron a complete credit and usually gets in his usual leftist spin.

Today he's tried it again....

He didn't quite say he was acting for the greater public good in all this, but it was there for those who wanted to hear it. Similarly he did not mention controversial Tory donor Lord Ashcroft - that was left to a backbencher later in the proceedings.

This would be I imagine because Lord Ashcroft's donations are all declared, not laundered through other people, not laundered through other people who didn't even know about it and don't support the party and fully in comlpliance with electoral law.

Instead Gordon Brown bangs on about how everything was worse under the Tories.

Well I'll grant you the Tory years had their fair share of sleaze, but that was all about having affairs and the odd sex scandal. This Labour lot are just rank corrupt!

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