Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Charlie In The Sky With Diamonds!

Former Spin Doctor and now Trade Union Butt Boy Charlie Whelan not only appears to have gone fruitbat batshit insane today, but it seems he’s decided that the outlet for his insanity should the Daily Telegraph.

"This was no Black Wednesday, after which millions of people really suffered as a result of Tory economic incompetence. In the current volatile political climate, the polls will go up and down regularly, but, when people go to put their cross on the ballot paper, what was essentially a Westminster story will not matter a jot. Not for the first time, the Westminster village will be seen to be completely out of touch with reality."

Of course people haven’t suffered from this incompetence but I think that’s more down to luck than skill.

is this related?

"Senior police officers are calling for cannabis to be reclassified from a class C to a class B drug."

I would hazard that Mr. Whelan’s article above suggests that mind altering drugs are just too readily available.

Maybe Charlie’s up his nose as well as on his birth certificate.

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