Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Not Again....


The taxman could face another investigation after it emerged that the confidential details of parents, included on letters to apologise for the lost discs fiasco, have been sent to old addresses.

HM Revenue and Customs sent out letters with national insurance and child benefit numbers printed on the top and many have been dropping through the wrong letter boxes, raising new fears of a security breach.

For fuck's sake.... so after pissing 25 million people into the hands of fraudsters, HMRC (which I am sure now stands for Hopeless Moronic Retarded Cunts) sends out an apology containing precious confidential data and posts it to the wrong fucking address.

I bet they never lose their fucking pay slips do they?

One mother is reported to have been posted the codes of seven strangers, along with a letter apologising for breaching her own privacy. The details can be used by identity thieves to open bank accounts or claim benefits.

It makes you fucking laugh doesn't it? Unless of course you're claiming Child Benefit then you're fucked.

Every parent who fails to receive an apology letter is being urged to contact the HMRC to ensure their correct address is registered.

However the HMRC says it is not to blame for the latest mishap, and insist that the parents affected should have taken the responsibility to notify them of any change of address.

It's not the point that you are sending this to the wrong fucking address.... why, in the name of Christ, why are you adding National Insurance numbers and Child Benefit numbers to apology letters? Surely the fact that it has the name and address on it will suffice?

What does the letter say? We're sorry we lost your data, and just so you know what data we lost we're putting it in this letter and losing it again?


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lacoon42 said...

As it happens they do lose pay slips, I'm missing three since the start of the financial year and my pay hasn't been right since August. Retarded Cunts is a bit rich though, that's just the management, oh and the pay unit of course, and HR for that matter and the less said about IT the better....