Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Labour Keeps a Promise... Well Blow Me!

This in today’s papers… and a thank you to ConservativeHome for ensuring that I can rant without actually having to read the independent.

"Increases in international aid announced yesterday by the Government will enable Gordon Brown to keep promises given to Bono and Bob Geldoff at the Gleneagles summit on doubling support for Africa. Aid will rise by 11 per cent in real terms over the next three years to more than £9bn in 2010." -

Well that’s just dandy isn’t it? It’s good to see old eyebrows making sure that Labour fulfils its promises to Geldof and fucking “I think you should all pay more tax to fund everything while I make sure that I move mine offshore” Bono.

What about a few promises to us eh? Like oh I don’t know…

Stable housing ladder, EU referendum, affordable housing, working NHS, decent transport.

What about those eh? Well I suppose you’ll manage them as soon as they form part of the Tory manifesto you simmering bunch of twats.

It’s so nice to see that OUR MONEY is being spent propping up those delightful despotic dictatorship regimes. I suppose it’s making them more like here.


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