Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5 Reasons I Have Started Blogging Again

I have returned once more to re-vent the spleen... to be honest work got in the way. One of the real downsides of being self-employed is that suddenly you do something right and then your life is sucked out from under by your clients.

If anyone ever tells you that being your own boss means you can do what you like tell them to fuck off!

Anyways... 5 reasons why I have returned now.

1. I enjoyed it

2.There is so much more material about Brown than there ever was about Blair.. and he’s had the good grace to keep Blears in a job.

3. I didn’t think I could really hate the new lot more than the old lot but whaddya know I do.

4. The Humble Devil introduced me to the word “Fucktrumpet” and you can’t ignore good motivational phrases.

"Your one-eyed fucktrumpet of a leader put us £163 billion in hock last year, not including the ever-mounting scale of the off-balance sheet PFI debts, valued at around £90 billion so far! Shut the fuck up about prudence, you fucking little Gordo-whore."

5. Hopefully one or two of you missed me.

Let’s see what happens

and yes I'll sort the images out when I get home tonight.


Prodicus said...

See all these flags? Welcome back! Sorely missed.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Welcome back, O Snipe! And remember, if it becomes too much hard work maintaining your own blog, you are welcome to join the other swearbloggers at The Devil's Kitchen – The Retirement Home For Overly Busy Swearbloggers!

Just drop me an email...


Mr Eugenides said...

Good to see you back, Snipe.

We kept the faith during the dark months when you were away...

mitch said...