Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PMQs: A Fuller Fisking!

I felt like a damn good fisking...

The BBC’s point by point of PMQs:

· Conservative MP Robert Neill asked Mr Brown to congratulate his local Tory-controlled authority in Bromley on its recycling record - and taunted Mr Brown by offering to show him its "bottle banks" - a reference to claims Mr Brown had "bottled out of" calling an early election.

· Mr Brown replied he should be pleased with the public expenditure settlement made on Tuesday which gives more money to the environment.

So after all the tax hikes all the financial mismanagement, all of our money blown on Prescott’s fucking love life, our Great Leader Slackjawed One-Eyed Buttfucker of Middle England thinks that more money is going to solve problems.

Attention TaxGuts! It’s the fact that YOU keep spending OUR money that we’re fucked off with in the first place. The reason that the Tories are doing so nicely in the polls mate is that they’re planning to stop taking our money of us. Got it yet?

· Tory leader David Cameron said Mr Brown was suffering a "credibility gulf" over his decision not to call a general election.
· Mr Brown said he would "take no lectures" from Mr Cameron, saying the Tory leader had changed his mind on policies on parking charges, VAT on air fares, museum charges and grammar schools.

He’ll happily take policies from him though won’t he? Within days…

· Mr Cameron said that if Mr Brown was to be believed he was the first PM in history to "flunk an election because he thought he was going to win it". He also quoted words Mr Brown had written in his book about people of courage.
· Mr Brown said only 26 people have signed a petition calling for an election on the Downing Street website - "and not one of them are on the Conservative front bench".

You’ll note my comments in the article below on this one… all I’ll add is the word TWAT!

· Mr Cameron asked if the chancellor's policies on inheritance tax and non-domiciles had been in the draft pre-Budget report written before the Conservative Party conference.
· Mr Brown replied: "I think if he looks back to the summer at interviews given by the chancellor, he talked about these very issues. And I may say, we have raised the exemption on inheritance tax on ten occasions since 1997. We have dealt with tax avoidance in relation to non-domicile and non-resident on many occasions since 1997. And we are going to continue to make the right decisions for the country."

Whereas everyone in the Financial Services Industry has known that this has lain idly stagnant for the past 20 years. Until of course the Tories have done something about it and lo and behold we have a whole new tax policy right out of the blue. Yes, out of the blue… we wrote it.

· He also questioned the Conservatives' figures on non-domiciles, saying the party could only raise £650m, not £3.5bn as they claimed.

So… they claim that there are 150,000 non-doms @ £25,000 which will produce £650m. Right… so really how much more is a £30,000 charge going to bring in?

Ah… but given that their tax cut is actually just the same as what anyone who takes tax advice now gets, this is just a tax hike. Another fucking tax hike.

· Mr Cameron said Mr Brown had "plotted and schemed" for the job for 10 years and was in danger of losing his "moral authority". He asked: "How long will we have to wait before the past makes way for the future?"
· Mr Brown replied that the Tory leader had pledged an end to the "Punch and Judy" of British politics. He then listed what he called the achievements of the government over the past 10 years.

Look here you fucking fat celt… the abandonment of Punch and Judy politics is the abandonment of opposing a policy just because it was created by the other party. However you have to congratulate Old One Eyes since he no longer opposes Tory policies, he robs them.

· Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said the prime minister had stolen Lib Dem policies in order to help the better off - and asked whether he would use Lib Dem policies aimed at helping lower and middle income families by cutting the basic rate of income tax to 16p in the pound.
· Mr Brown said the Lib Dem suggestion would put economic stability at risk but the government had cut income tax.

The government had cut income tax? Not on your fucking life boy. The government streamed income tax so that the people on lower incomes paid a shit truckload more of it and he fucking knows it.

· Mr Campbell asked how projected rises in the council tax could be fair for lower and middle income families.
· Mr Brown said the Lib Dems had a "black hole" in their finances and "would be better going back to the drawing board".

And now he is also dodging questions from Ming the Purposeless… fucking hell he’s on the ropes isn’t he?

· Tory MP Sir Patrick McCormack asked the PM if imitation was the "sincerest form of flattery" - a reference to claims the government had taken Tory and Lib Dem policies.
· Mr Brown replied that on Bank of England independence, the minimum wage and NHS investment - the Tories had opposed those policies then later supported them. "I know who's leading the arguments in this country and it is the Labour Party," he said.

Not leading Gordon… losing there’s a difference. Losing is the reason why you didn’t call an election.

· Tory frontbencher Damian Green asked about Burma and why the PM was trying to deport dissidents back to that "dreadful regime".
· Mr Brown said he would look "sympathetically" at any cases brought to him but said there was an appeals system. He asked for cross-party support on dealing with the Burmese regime and telling them "that what they are doing is completely unacceptable".

Completely unacceptable? Fucking Hell that’s got them told hasn’t it? I might be wrong here but aren’t there somewhere in the region of 400,000 monks telling them that it’s completely unacceptable? Did it work?

What makes you think that hearing it from a visually challenged porker who can’t even quell the Communication Workers Union let alone a foreign dictatorship.

· Former home secretary David Blunkett asked about an "unhelpful" statement by the Association of British Insurers that the money provided by government on flood defences was insufficient and they may not be able to offer full cover.
· Mr Brown said he hoped the Association of British Insurers would not deny people insurance. He said the government had raised flood defences funding to £800m in 2011 from £600m this year. "We are doing everything we can to improve flood defences in this country", he said.

Right moving off Brown for a moment, to his department other visually challenged fucktards. Let me explain how insurance works. Insurance companies assess the risk of an event happening and basically gamble the cost of the event occurring against what they can get paid in premiums if it doesn’t. Hopefully the latter is the higher figure.

If the risk is not worth the reward then they don’t do it. This is their right, it is their money. Who the fuck are you to order people to risk their money on something you’re not going to do anything about? They’re not a compensation dumping ground for when your money runs out you twat!

This is like the Government ordering everyone to go out and bet £50 on a horse that’s certain to come last.

Just fuck off will you?

Right now!

Quicker than that!

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