Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toynbee's Met Her Match

Yesterday was one of those good days to be a Tory. This morning I see it happily continues with these excerpts from our good and dear press:

"David Cameron raised the political temperature of the House of Commons yesterday with a devastating attack on Gordon Brown's lack of "moral authority"." -

"Gordon Brown endured a Commons humiliation on Wednesday as David Cameron, the Conservative leader, pinned him against the ropes over his retreat from a general election and his government’s “copy cat” mini-budget." - FT

"At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday – as close as the Commons gets to burning a man at the stake – Mr Brown struck me as briefly the bravest man in Britain." - Matthew Parris in The Times

"In the first Prime Minister's Questions since the summer recess, the Opposition leader berated a weakened Prime Minister for shilly-shallying over calling an election, plagiarising Tory policy on inheritance tax and breaking a promise to hold a referendum on EU reform." -
Telegraph leader

"It was a disastrous Prime Minister’s Questions for Gordon Brown. He must have known what was coming and yet he reacted to Tory taunts with the incoherent fury of a wounded grizzly bear: rearing back, teeth bared, claws extended, eyes ablaze. " - Ann Treneman in
The Times

A good range there I’m sure you’ll agree a couple of the Brown-leaning papers coming over onto our side. So, with this about turn of the media I thought I’d have a look at that sterling and upright news paper The Mirror. More expensive than common toilet paper and comes pre-filled with shit.

Now I was never expecting the Mirror and resident spunkwipe Kevin Maguire to come over to our side. But really, are they watching the same as me?

Brown lands a knockout blow
Thick red lines drawn between Labour and the Conservatives on schools and hospitals; clear blue water muddied by tax...
This was Gordon Brown at his canniest and simultaneously most shameless - the Premier's chuckles are evidence of how he has, once again, turned the tables on the Tories.

Listen Kevin, in fact no don’t listen. I doubt you could listen, nor in fact could your brain-dead communist readership, unless it was about what drug-addled fucktard has been removed from the Big Brother House this week.

No Downing Street tenant needs an election when he can devote two years to pressing buttons to make things happen while his opponents squeal impotently from the sidelines.
Chancellor Alistair Darling's extra £2billion for health and education defended traditional Labour territory and challenged the Cons.

And his cheeky rifling of the Tory wardrobe to steal vote-winning clothes on tax was brilliant, if cynical, politics.

I’ll tell you what’s fucking cynical, Maguire old boy. It’s fucking cynical that this shower of shitslicers have opposed a cut in IHT since the dawn of time. Well, at least opposed it until the opinion polls suggested that the Tory idea was popular and then Hey fucking presto it becomes a Labour idea.

Let’s have a look at what old fucking eyebrows is saying (courtesy of
Iain Dale)

‘I don't think this proposal really has much support across the political spectrum.’Alistair Darling, The Times, 21 August 2006

‘It may make for a headline, but I don't think it makes for a prudent and sensible tax and spend policy.'Alistair Darling, The Times, 21 August 2006

'Inheritance tax brings in about £ 3 billion a year. If you get rid of it, it follows that some other tax has to go up or you have to cut some public spending, on health and education and so on.’Alistair Darling, The Times, 21 August 2006

All seems a little bit distant now doesn’t it? Cling to power whatever the cost you cock!

The full, foam-frothing fury of Darling's Tory shadow - posh boy George Osborne - was eloquent testimony to the impact of the government's package.

Posh boy? This is just fucking typical of the socialist movement isn’t it? They can’t actually fault George Osborne’s idea on account of the fact that they nicked it so instead they go for his background. They’d be the first to complain if the Daily Mail or Telegraph started referring to Labour MPs as peasants.

Unintelligent bollocks.

One Labour MP barked like a dog, mocking a rabid Osborne who demanded his policies back. A minister fumbled in his pocket to send me a text suggesting Brown call that early election after all. The election fiasco bruised Brown but he remains the master strategist, the Labour man against Tory boys.

Are they really looking at the same events as me? Really? The fucking one-eyed dribbling cocktard was stuttering here and snatching policies there or just blindly changing the subject when he couldn’t think of anything to say, which was nearly all the time.

No doubt one Labour MP barked like a dog because frankly if he could say anything coherent he wouldn’t be a Labour MP… and clearly one of them fumbles just to use a mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the economy is heading for a bumpy ride, with the days of free spending in Whitehall over. Requiring wealthy tax dodgers to pay up has come a decade late - Labour embarrassingly limbering up for action only after the Cons moved first.

Oh this is priceless…. “the economy is heading for a bumpy ride” – whose fault is that then? I’ll tell you shall I?


You can’t fucking sit there taking credit for the economy for the last 10 years and then just trump up and say “well dodgy times happen you know”. We’re fecking skint. We’re skint because that bastard robbed us of all our money to fucking modernize the unions, fuck up GP contracts, start wars, fly all over the fucking world first class and allow the former Deputy PM a nice Brazillian teak table to bend his secretary over.

The higher 18 per cent rate to be levied on the private inequity pirates who are gobbling up companies still leaves multimillionaires paying a lower rate than their cleaners.

Kevin... Let’s look at the overall picture shall we? First of all the millionaire is paying a higher rate than the cleaner unless the cleaner is the owner of a small business, which most aren’t. The income tax rate is unchanged but the Capital Gains Rate is changed.
So it’s all well and dandy making these comparisons but do compare the same thing. If you’re going to spout anti-capitalist bilge then at least make it accurate anti-capitalist bilge.
Unless you’re thinking of treating the electorate like fools.

Cleaner works 20 hours a week for minimum wage = about £5,000pa, tax bill = 0
Millionaire = £1,000,000pa, tax bill = approx £396,000

So who’s doing the country out of tax now eh Kevin?

Yet the abrupt end of Brown's honeymoon as Father of the Nation might prove a blessing in disguise. If practical policies to help hard-working families and make Britain fairer is the result, the hullabaloo will have been no bad thing.
Tory toffs, led by David Cameron and Osborne, liked Tony Blair but hated Brown. After yesterday, they probably detest him.

This was why, of course, that the Tories thought for a long time that Gordon Brown was the best electoral asset that they could hope for was it? The Tories liked Tony Blair so much that they went through 3 leaders trying to find someone who’d beat him? Man you’re a fuckwit aren’t you?

Big tasks lie ahead - not least winning the case for taxes to fund high-quality public services.

He’s won the case for taxes to fund high quality public services, he won that 10 years ago. It’s the case for further taxes to fund high quality public services that we still haven’t seen that’s the issue.

Labour's red lines are welcome, the murky blue waters less so.
But cocky Cameron has, yet again, foolishly underestimated Brown.
Will the toff never learn?

Foolishly underestimated Brown? Oh for fuck’s sake… words fail me, which is a bit of a problem for a blogger.
The only words that come to mind are “Fuck Off”

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