Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Just Can't Make It Up!!!

What the f….?

The Metropolitan Police chief who led the cash-for-honours inquiry said he received "less than full co-operation" from some people involved in the probe.

What are we going to hear next? Possibly this?

The Metropolitan Police chief who led the inquiry into the robbery complained that “Fingers” Harris hadn’t confessed.

Since when were the Police expectant of receiving full cooperation from the people that they are investigating? For fuck’s sake.. how long has it been since this guy actually had to track down a real villain and bang him up good and proper?

There’s more to policing than just appearing on Crimewatch and expecting a queue of people coming forward to confess you know.

Fucking hell… I want my Council Tax back.

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mitch said...

There was no cctv so they were fucked dont you watch the bill?