Thursday, October 25, 2007

Words Once Again Fail Me...


The Tories have said there is "no possibility" of agreement on party funding while Labour refuses to put a cap on trade union donations.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw accused the Tories of misunderstanding union fees and behaving in a partisan way.

Now personally I fucking hate this. It’s not like me to turn my acidic pen against the Tories but why the fuck are we even talking about state funding of political parties? Why the fuck are we?

OK I know why Labour are talking about it, because they want to change the rules because they are so fucking lame when it comes to actually obeying them. However the question that we blues should be asking is “Why can’t you just obey the rules that are in place?”

Typical fucking socialists. They have this dreamy fucking idea that any sort of crime is not their fault… “Oh it’s because the rules failed to prevent it” rather than “Oh it’s because we’re a mendacious bunch of cunts who sold our democracy to the highest bidder”.

Now back to the story…

Justice Secretary Jack Straw accused the Tories of misunderstanding union fees and behaving in a partisan way.

Just exactly how are we behaving in a “partisan way” eh? The Labour party has some very big union backers who finance their plans to get into power (and incidentally then just go on strike all them time when they do). The Tories have very big business backers who finance their plans to get into power.

Straw and his non-partisan fuckscrotes would like to see the individual business backers capped but the unions untouched.

Just how is that non-partisan you scrawny grey fucking fuckgroper?

“Labour says they should be treated as a series of small donations from individuals and says it will not allow its historic link with the unions to be broken.”

“Mr Straw said Mr Herbert had "totally misunderstood" union funding - saying members could opt out of paying a political levy. He said each party had had to accept "quite significant compromises" and he still hoped to reach a consensus.”

So… they can opt out of the political levy in the same way as say someone with £8 million can? Do they get a choice about which political party gets that levy? Do they?

Do they fuck….

This is nothing more than cutting down the money available to the Opposition parties? Didn't Hitler and Stalin have similar ideas?

“He added: "There has only ever been one party which has sought to act in a partisan way when it comes to party funding and that is the Conservative Party."”

This is why most Labour peers have been big Labour donors is it? WE tend to make our donors knights. This does not carry any extra weight regarding legislation. YOU make your big donors Lords and allow them unelected into Parliament.

Considering that 12 year old speccy cocknudge Alexander has had to apologise for getting all partisan with the Scottish election, that it was Labour’s fucking fundraiser that was investigated by the Bill, and that it does appear to be “non-partisan” Labour who are wanting to remove the opportunity for their opponents to be financed I say the following:

Take your fucking funding suggestions Straw, ram them up your fucking arse and then light them with the flaming head of Hazel Blears.

Fucking Fucking Fucks!

Calmer now!

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