Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Leader Goes... The Bullshit Stays

The LibDems are out in force in the media today announcing that there was no plot to remove the doddering old coffin dodger that was Sir Menzies Campbell.

For fuck’s sake, have some fecking honestly will you? There can be more than one nasty party you know?

For all Iain Duncan Smith’s credits, he was not the most inspirational leader and therefore we got rid of him. He’s still involved doing what he’s good at and we value his contribution, especially when it comes to tearing a strip off the sanctimonious wide-eyed fucktard Ed “I look like I’m being raped with a prize-winning marrow” Balls.

But basically, we got rid of him, then we admitted that we’d got rid of him as well.

But not the LibDems. So explain this sandal boys? If this was Ming’s decision that he’s thought about for a long time and was taking into account the effect that his image may have on the party then how come he’s gone from saying “I have plenty of life left in me yet” on Question Time and such references to his spirit and drive etc etc to resigning in the space of a fortnight.

Can’t? Well it seems they’ve started talking a load of steaming bollocks already and I for one do not expect them to stop.

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